About Me

Self Portrait, me daniel johnsonHi! My name is Daniel Johnson. I'm a photographer as you could probably tell from my homepage. I really enjoy creating beautiful imagery and digital fine art. I have a wife, a daughter who is almost 5, and a brand new baby boy. The joys of parenthood are unparalleled.I am mostly a self taught photographer. I took a black and white film class while in college and learned the basics of exposure. Other than that I have learned through practice. I've been studying photography now heavily for about 4 years.

While my true passions are with landscape and fine art photography, I also love portraiture. I like photographing seniors, families and couples and work very hard to capture your memories in high quality images. My knowledge of my gear and software allows me to make creative images that aren't the same "run-of-the-mill" pictures your mother's cousin's friend who has a camera will take. My images are created and customized for each client.

You can also read my other blog about my journey learning to sew  at www.thisguysews.com. I have spent the last few years teaching myself to sew and documenting my journey on this blog. You can see my projects and processes as the progress. I would really appreciate it if you could share my posts on social media. Also, some of the links in the posts are affiliate links and I make a small amount when you use the links at no additional cost to you. It really helps me out and enables me to keep making content. I appreciate you!