My Photography Journey

My Vision

Do you want to capture decisive moments that tell a story? Do you have a passion for creating something beautiful? Have you ever wanted to be a photographer?

When I was a wee lad riding my bike around town and in the country I would see the way the soft warm light fell on the trees as the sun set. I could see the beautiful warm reds, yellows, and oranges as the chlorophyll slowly drained from the leaves and desired to immortalize them.

My Gear

My first camera was a birthday gift. I won’t bore you with the details but it was a life changing gift. It went with me everywhere.

In those days there was no digital so I saved my money to develop the film. Most of the time my pictures sucked. They never quite matched up to my memory of the scene. But, once in a while I nailed it. I took a picture that was pure gold.

My Education

Jump ahead to college where I took a black and white film class. I learned the basic elements of exposure and composition and my image began to change. Suddenly I was making images that I kind of liked to look at .

Not only was I making OK images, but I was learning the technical aspects of developing and printing my images as well. I still think fondly of my time in the dark room.

My Challenges

My journey in photography was making leaps and bounds. But then I changed directions in life and decided not to pursue a photography education. Also, my camera became damaged and I was unable to find a place to repair it. My photography stalled.

Fast forward a few years. I got married and my wife decided to pick up a nice camera. We picked one out and I began to re-teach myself the basics. After an intense self study I was soon taking senior pictures of close friends and family and even shot a wedding. The wedding challenged me and made me never want to shoot another one.

My Future

Since then I’ve been exploring as many aspects of photography as I can. I like to try new things and expand my skills. My skills in photoshop have been developing also as I try to create things that are beyond what is achievable in photography.

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